Isn’t It Romantic: Your Complete Menu for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner

Isn’t It Romantic: Your Complete Menu for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner By Jimmy Quaile, Certified Sommelier   When you think Valentine’s Day you immediately think of chocolates, roses and Champagne. That is a good starting point, but when you’re ready for a romantic dinner, you need a voluptuous red wine! Something velvety soft, opulent and complex. Something that transports you to a time and place where you first met. Something that makes you feel

2017 New Year’s Wine Resolutions

By Jimmy Quaile, Certified Sommelier Many people make resolutions at the start of a new year but so few of us keep them. Maybe your unrealistic goals should be replaced with something that is totally enjoyable…like drinking more wine! Here are 5 resolutions that will sure to make 2017 a banner year. 1) Try a new grape variety Even the most ardent wine geek can find themselves drinking the same 5 or 6 wine varietals.

How Many Pounds of Grapes Are In A Bottle of Wine?

Answer: 2.4 pounds of grapes, or 39 ounces. Think about that next time you buy grapes! One Bottle of Wine contains: 750 ml of liquid 2.4 pounds of grapes (39 oz.) 25.6 ounces of wine (4/5 quarts) One Case of Wine Contains: 12 x 750ml bottles 30 pounds of grapes 307.2 ounces of wine One Barrel of Wine contains: 740 Pounds of grapes and 59 gallons 24.6 cases of wine (12x750ml bottles) 295 bottles of

Cabernet Sauvignon Is The Cross Between What Two Grapes?

Since the advent of DNA profiling of grape varieties in 1993, ampelography (ámpelos = vine and  lógos = study) has been rewriting wine books by correctly identifying grape origins and rejecting synonyms. For example, Zinfandel was long suspected to be identical to Primitivo, however after DNA analysis it was established that the grape was native to Croatia where it is called Crljenak Kastelanski. DNA testing has also revealed several unexpected parentages, the most surprising being Cabernet Sauvignon which

Why the Rooster on Some Chianti Bottles?

Why is there a black rooster on the neck of some Chianti bottles? In the Middle Ages, when the republics of Florence and Siena were battling for territory in the Chianti region, they came up with a novel method to end the conflict. It was agreed that two knights would set out from their respective cities and establish the border wherever they met. Departure was to be at dawn and the starting signal at each

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