Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

  Thanksgiving Wine Pairing 2017 By Jimmy Quaile, Certified Sommelier The long-standing rule of matching wine and food – red wine with meat and white wine with fish – actually has a scientific explanation. Then again, I doubt too many people eat meat or fish without a compliment of side dishes…especially on such a gastronomic feast as Thanksgiving.  So how do you pair the perfect wine for a meal that is a minefield of competing

Roll Out The Barrel

Roll Out The Barrel  By Jimmy Quaile, Certified Sommelier “Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.” -Joyce Kilmer I doubt Joyce Kilmer was thinking of wine barrels when he wrote his eponymous poem Trees. But even in the wine world, there is nothing lovelier or more overlooked than a tree.  And making the right tree into wine barrels has more to do with the quality of the wine

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