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Whether you are an aficionado or new to whiskey (or ‘whisky’) this club will have something for you.  When we have our Wilco Whiskey Gatherings we will taste, quaff, and savor multiple whiskeys while we learn from an expert how each master distiller imbues his or her unique ‘spirit’ into each bottle.  We will compare whiskeys, discuss each tasting note, and learn from the best.

Some special bottles we try will be offered at discounted price during the evening of the Gathering and only to our members.  Sometimes we will be trying some highly-allocated bottles and quantities will be limited.

If you like whiskey of any type or just want to expand your palate and try something new, this group is for you.  (…and, it is FREE to join.)

Upcoming Events

Fourth Gathering, October 2018.

Hi Everyone,

Our next Wilco Whiskey tasting will be on Wednesday 10/17 at 6:30 PM.

Roger Wilco Liquors – 1001 Route 73 South, Pennsauken, NJ 08110

We will be launching a Roger Wilco Barrel Selection from Dad’s Hat Distillery.


Dad’s Hat’s Founder and Master Distiller, Herman Mihalich, will be on-site to answer all of your questions and walk us through some special bottles. Herman is a friendly individual with an interesting background. I have placed his bio below.

RSVP: Please email Jamie@ashburncorp.com by 10/15/18.

I look forward to seeing you there.



ABOVE: Our visit to Dad’s Hat distillery in June. Bryan is second from left, I’m fourth, Herman fifth, and Jimmy sixth. What a great time! You guys should visit the distillery when you get the chance.

Herman Mihalich (5th from the left in picture) grew up in Monessen, PA where his grandfather started a speakeasy during Prohibition that became the family’s bar. The family lived above the bar and his father always wore fedoras. When his father passed away, Herman inherited his dad’s hats and started wearing them. They became the inspiration for the brand name.

Herman met Co-Founder John Cooper when they both attended the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, Herman spent 30+ years in the Chemical Industry. He had the idea to start a whiskey distillery after reading an article in the New York Times by Eric Asimov, that talked about the coming resurgence of Rye Whiskey. He wanted to do what he could to bring back the once proud legacy of Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, something he always associated with his dad and grandfather and their bar. In 2010, Herman and John came up with a business plan and spent some time out at the Artisan Distilling Program at Michigan State. They shipped out Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey and worked on perfecting their recipe after doing extensive research into many of the old traditional Pennsylvania Rye Whiskeys. In 2011, the pair secured a space and started distilling in the Grundy Mill complex, an old textile mill located in Bristol, PA. The first bottles were available in 2012 and the brand has been growing ever since.

Dad’s Hat makes Pennsylvania Style Rye Whiskey the right way. They use 80% local PA rye grain grown in Bucks County by Meadow Brook Farms, 15% malted barley, and 5% malted rye. Products include the Classic Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, aged 9 months in 15 Gallon, 1/4 cask barrels. The Classic Rye received Craft Whiskey of the Year by Whisky Advocate. A Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey that is aged between 3-4 years in traditional 53 gallon barrels, that received a 91.5 rating from the 2018 Jim Murray Whisky Bible. A Port Wine Finish Rye whiskey that is finished for 3-6 months in Quady Winery ex-port wine barrels and has received a gold medal from Tastings.com. A Vermouth Finish that is finished for 3-6 months in Quady Winery Vya Sweet Vermouth Barrels, that received Top 100 Spirits accolades from Wine Enthusiast.

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Past Gatherings

Thank you to all who came to our Wilco Whiskey Third Gathering! We had over 50 people in attendance which made the event standing-room-only (and a bit warm) but there were lots of friendly people and great whiskey to be tasted.

At this Third Gathering we first tried the original Maker’s Mark bourbon followed by Maker’s 76 and Maker’s Cask Strength and learned about the methods employed by Maker’s Mark to make each bottle unique. Those in attendance were the first to open and taste the Maker’s Mark Private Select – Roger Wilco Oak Stave Selectionand, as a bonus, everyone received an exclusive Wilco Whiskey Glass which was dipped in the Maker’s Mark wax after the tasting. It was a great time.

Special thanks to Bryan who “took one for the team” and trekked to Maker’s Mark in Loretto, KY, toured the distillery, and learned about Maker’s long history and expertise in making great bourbon. He then spent hours laboriously tasting and concocting the best bourbon profile for our own Private Select Barrel by choosing from over 1001 Finishing Stave combinations.

Click Here to see pictures from the Third Gathering (Coming Soon).

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